There are things in life way more permanent than some ink on my mortal body


Let’s talk tattoos. Because I got plenty. Well not really, I have five to be exact. Okay I take that back, I don’t have plenty and no matter how many I get it will probably never be enough for me. Possibly because of my serious case of ‘too much gene.’

So I got tattoos, I have tattoos that are well thought through and with meaning. I also have tattoos that have happened on impulse. And no, my mother does not approve. Neither is she on board with them, but she’s gotten used to them. Maybe I’ve just worn her down.


Matching tattoos. What the fuck and why would you ever. That was my attitude for the longest time. Actually until February this year, when I got my first ever matching tattoo with one of my best friends. And it might be one of my new favourites.

Carly and I started texting and joking about matching tattoos over the Christmas break and once we got back to uni, we went and got them (sorry mum!) And it was fun and exciting! We call them our ‘Wine Wednesdays’ tattoos.

When we first became friends during our first year, we used to hang out at Carly’s flat and get trashed on cheap wine almost every Wednesday. We would mostly just talk shit and religiously binge watch RuPaul’s Drag Race.


Sometimes also cry and talk about our mental issues, but it was mostly the above. We clearly built our friendship on some real solid ground. And solidified it with getting matching tattoos. Also if we ever stop being friends, which is highly unlikely but still… there’s always the possibility of a cover-up.

I never cared for what people thought of me. Well never is a strong word, I mean once upon a time I might’ve cared, but thank god that’s over. Anyway, I never cared what people thought of me or my tattoos.


And one of my pet peeves is people asking what one or another tattoo means, like I don’t know? Maybe I got it as a representation of my dead grandmother, or maybe I’m trying to send aliens a message to abduct me? Or you know, maybe I just like the picture? Like let me live and have pretty pictures on my body if I want to.

All in all, let people get the tattoos they want to get and live the life they want to live. Basically, just don’t be a cunt. Also if you’re looking to get tattooed in Falmouth, go to Time & Tide, they’re super cool (and they have a Donkey Kong arcade machine!)


(The inspiration for writing this came from Nora Mclnerny Purmort who wrote this cool article –

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