Who do I write for?

This is a question that’s been daunting me for the past 3 months, or at least whenever I thought about my slowly dying blog. And whenever I spoke to my few fellow blogger friends, if I dare to even call myself that. I kept asking them who do they write/blog for? As well as complaining about my blog and how a part of me wants to delete and throw this whole blog thing in the trash cause I probably don’t have anything adequate to say anyways.


Like who even cares what I eat or wear or what makeup I smear on my face? Who cares what I read or write or think about? I mean other than my mum or my grandmother. I’m no Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift, I don’t have a name that makes people click on an article in 0,2 seconds. I am…well, just myself.


I started this blog for an assignment, therefore I wrote for my lecturers. I wrote to get a good grade. But who do I write for now? Friends, family, strangers? No, I write for myself. I write what I want to write about and what makes me happy. Or what drives me absolutely nuts and makes my blood boil. That’s what I should write about. I should write for myself first and foremost. And everything else will come.


All the credit for the photos goes to my sweet Paula who you can find here – www.paulajohanna.com. She takes sick photos, generally of cars but sometimes of humans too. Thanks for making me look taller and skinnier!

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