How to not kill your succulents (or other plants)

To start off I must say that I’m very fond of my 3 little plant babies who I am currently raising. Two succulents and a cactus. I’m not a perfect mother, far from it. All my past plants have died, with one exception. My big darling aloe who is under the care of my mother while I’m away at university.

Now back to my current babies and yes I call my plants babies because I take care of them therefore they are my babies. Animals and plants are possibly the closest thing to a real human child that I’ll ever get to. People ain’t for me, I prefer animals and plants.

I think as a serial plant killer, I’ve done extremely well till now. I’ve taken care of them, give them lots of light and even replanted them twice! But during that second process, I managed to somehow break off one of the leaves on my succulent and I am genuinely concerned if it’s still alive. It’s still green, but I’m not sure if that is a firm indicator of a healthy plant. I’m not a perfect mother, obviously. But I try!

But so far I think I’ve figured out 3 key elements on keeping your plants alive:

  1. Water
  2. Light
  3. Love

Also it helps if you don’t break their leaves off and actually know what you’re doing. For any further questions ask a professional botanist, not me. Good luck!


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